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Monica's roots
Monica's roots

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Lars-Åke's roots


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During a summer vacation in the USA in 1999, we met relatives at a Carlson Family Reunion in Muskegon, Michigan. That marked the beginning of our ancestral research. There were so many relatives - and we had no idea how to connect them... They had one thing in common though; they were relatives on Monica's father Elis' side.

We felt it was high time to map all the families. To much information gets lost when the older generation is no longer among us. It was Monica's father's cousins who had kept in contact through the years. However, the family bonds were almost dying out because our generation did not have many natural bonds.Through the united efforts of Monica in Sweden and relatives in the USA, we have managed to "build" a great jigsaw puzzle. As of April 2000, we have mapped about 160 families. New bonds have been created and the contacts over the Atlantic ocean are again slowly making progress...

Thanks to Conny Bodvik an Elisabet Arvidsson for a lot of help on my paternal grandmother's side.

On Monica's mother Edith's side the work is now also in progress. Thanks to Christina Gustavsson. ÖGF for her help! And many thanks to Claes Hjelm who had a lot of facts when I had huge problem to continue...
On Lars-Åke's side we have had help from others who had previously done ancestral research, on both father Lennart's as on mother Elvi's sides. Many thanks to, among others, John Hallqvist, Karl-Olof Karlsson, Bengt-Arne Svahn, Krister Olofsson, Ruben Persson, Göran Sollin and Per Frödholm. Many thanks to Sten-Ove Andersson who had the solution to a big problem! An invaluable help!

Missed relatives - or relatives we didn't even know exsisted - in the USA - are found both on Monica's and Lars-Åke's side.
In the summer 2002 we visited many of them - what nice relatives we have!! :-)

Monica has compiled all the material in the computer software for ancestral research DISGEN ver 7.0 and later in ver 8.0. Without that, this work would have been impossible to structure. Today (Oct 2004) 11 896 persons are registered in the data base.

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