Nature in Östergötland

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A concise description of Östergötland would be to say that the landscape is a miniature of Sweden. But even if the landscape reminds of other regions of Sweden its nature is still genuine. The indigenous population like to claim that their province is the mixture of the best ingredients of the whole country's natural scenery.

canoing   Ekenäs castle   View over Kinda area   

The ground consists mainly of primitive rock which during the glacial period slowly rose and formed the highlands in the southern and northern areas of the province. These wooded mountain sides surround the productive flat land in the central part. In the west the natural border is marked off by the broken landscape and coastline of the lake Vättern and in the east by the beautiful archipelago facing the Baltic Sea.

More than half of the area is covered with forests - pine and fir in the highlands, broad-leaf trees in the east and oak along with lime-trees on the coastline. On the fertile calcareous moraine clay of the flat land thrives a rich flora and you can find orchids and lilies.

The animal life is rather rich as well with elks, fallow deer, polecats and moles. The lake Tåkern is famous for hosting a wide range of breeding birds and in the cold, fresh water of Vättern live char and whitefish.

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