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We live in Linköping

Whichever direction you come from, the road to Linköping is bordered by a constantly changing variety of farmland, forests and lakes.

Rising high above the skyline, the tower of the impressive cathedral can be seen from a distance of more than ten kilometres (six miles), providing a landmark for much of the surrounding countryside.
Linköping collage
Linköping has enjoyed rapid growth since the founding of the University, the Institute of Technology and the University Hospital. In addition to the development of the major automotive and aircraft group, Saab-Scania AB. Today SAAB AB no longer develop automotives, but almost all development and production of military equipment in Sweden, It took almost 300 years to complete Linköping Cathedral. When the foundations were laid 750 years ago, Linköping consisted of a small number of buildings crouching in the shade of its massive walls.

Today (2004), Linköping is the home of about 136 000 people. Many of them work in the health and welfare services, education and the engineering industry. Linköping's Mjärdevi Science Park is one of the biggest centers for Information Technology in Sweden and the World.

Despite its growth, Linköping has retained its character as a long established seat of learning and culture.

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